Small Town Folk

We have just finished watching a film called Small Town Folk.  What a hoot.  It is a really funny horror film, with a sufficiency of gore to satisfy the bloodthirsty.  When the strangely rural characters spoke, subtitles were used, albeit unnecessarily.  Needless to say; a British film.

Gonna cook roast pork in a minute with cider apple sauce.  I read somewhere that pork is bad for dogs, so Wendell will not be getting a little extra treat today.  He slept much better last night and we all feel refreshed for it.

It has been raining non stop today.  I love grey days but this relentless cold, wet weather is depressing.  I am looking forward to Spring now.  Already the daffodils are poking through.  I cannot decide whether to do a spring basket display this year.  The season is so short.  Any way, off to play with my puppy, now, see ya, Pen.



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6 responses to “Small Town Folk

  1. Unknown

    You can only blame me for the rain that happened after 1:00 PM. That’s when I put the laundry out on the line–thereby making the sunshine go away and bringing rain in it’s place. : ) Glad Wendell is doing better… xx

  2. penny

    I read your post, Jake, and I do blame you. Lol


    Hey hun going to track that film down sounds like a me film,pork gives dogs hmm a poorly tummy say no more hugs m xs

  4. Martin

    Dry here but a very dull grey day. That film sounds fun will add it to my watch list :-)

  5. Jane

    It’s been miserable and wet here too… Earlier we had very strong winds/gales. And of course, it’s so cold and my radiators are sti;; p;aying up. Man coming back tomorrow. Hope they fix them this time.

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