Terrier troubles

Wendell is still crying at night, although the volume is quieter.  He had a little chicken with his breakfast, this morning and wolfed it down.  He is now showing true terrier traits; ragging toys, digging in the corner of the sofa etc. The cats were not impressed that Wendell got a share of the chicken and there was a bit of hissing going on.  He went for a couple of laps around the kitchen table and is now fast asleep.  He loves sleeping on Terry’s chair and is not underfoot there.  His basket is more of a home for his toys, during the day.  The sun is shining brightly today.  I would go for stroll on the beach but I don’t want to leave the little one on his own for too long.  That’s all for now, Pen. 



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6 responses to “Terrier troubles

  1. Robin

    Oooh, i bet those cats were put out when the chicken went into Wendell’s dish. Hiss, boo..lolHow did you choose the name Wendell?

  2. Martin

    He will settle, then you will become his Mum :-) and the fun really starts LOL

  3. penny

    Dogs choose their own name, Robin. He planted it in my head. I cannot wait to take him out, Martin.

  4. Sheila

    Good you are having fun there, pups and dogs all love chicken. My sisters Yorkie love it so much, cooked chicken fillets. She lived to be 20years old. Take care xx Sheila

  5. Unknown

    Sounds like things are going well… pups are fun; like babies, but less work? LOL xx


    Hey pen sounds like your new arrival is developing his little personality,thankyou for the gorgeous rose im staying for a bit but im quite worried about the cloning going on as i dont want friends thinking that i would ever leave nasty stuff as thats not me,have a good day hugs m xs

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