The puppy check

Wendell and I were at the vets at ten o’clock a.m. prompt this morning.  I took a taxi (hang the expense) with the little fella tucked inside my coat.  The vet gave him the all clear and I signed up for pet plan and paid for two months.  It costs just under a tenner a month, for a year and for that you get all worming, flea treatment, inoculations and micro chipping; plus the free puppy check.  Very reasonable and at least I shall not have to worry about his health; just his training.  He is completely knackered now and fast asleep, bless.

000_0003No doubt he will be up all night again.  He eats like a horse but the vet said to let him and not worry about him getting fat.  I already have a great big dumpling called Porter.  Let’s hope Wendell does not become one.

It is wet and windy today.  Poor old Terry is working outside in it.  I am doing a good old fashioned mixed grill tonight.  Yummy!  That’s all for now, see ya, Pen.



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9 responses to “The puppy check


    Hey pen awww your pup is soooo cute,hope he sleeps for you soon!hugs m xs

  2. Robin

    Hi Penny, that pet plan is a good idea.Mixed grill sounds yummy!


    Now you can have puppy walks outside and both of you will get good and Healthy . Later have him pull the cats around in a cart lol

  4. penny

    He will be a tad too small for that, Richard, lol. Great idea though.

  5. Deb's

    all the work of a new baby, with the tears and tantrums to match, but the good thing is it doesnt last anywhere near as long as it would with a child… good idea with the pet plan though, expensive things are pets, or should that be vets? lollove n hugsdebsxXx

  6. Deb's

    ps oh we’re having homemade lasagne, with a side salad, garlic bread for the hubby and a large glass of merlot …hic!! but the hubby lurrves a mixed grill

  7. Louise

    Awww Pen ain’t he fab. I can’t wait to have a dog, not yet though cos child of mine can be quite cruel sometimes so it wouldn’t be fair. I lost my dog 2 weeks before Jack was born, maybe I should wait and get one when he’s been left home 2 weeks lol, would have to find summet to do cos I’d have so much free time on me hands lmao.Hope you get some sleep tonight lol, like having babies again ain’t it having a pup lol. Have funBright Blessings xxx

  8. Sheila

    Thats a good idea Pen pet insurance.. Hope he gets better by the day or night should I say. xxLove the photo’s

  9. Martin

    He looks gorgious, in a manly puppy dog kind of way :-)I think he has picked a very good owner LOL

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