Lurcher……Bedlington, Patterdale x

I have been going through literally hundreds of adverts and have narrowed my search to three possibilities.  My favourite choice is a little lurcher boy and I may be going to see him this week.  I know I must not get too excited.  He is living with the mother and has 2 cats and children around him.  He has three siblings but they are all females and are smooth coated.  This little boy is black and has his mothers rough, woolly coat.  This small type of lurcher will suit me perfectly.  Terry is more set on a Springer Spaniel but as I have tried to point out, patiently, the dog is for my walks along the beach and out and about and really, the choice should be mine.  I may have to put my foot down on this matter.

You guys must be sick and tired of me going on about dogs so I shall stop now.  Hope you all have a great day, Pen.



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7 responses to “Lurcher……Bedlington, Patterdale x


    Hey hun awww bless you,you must be very excited just dont puddle on the floor lol,hugs m xs

  2. Deb's

    hiya Penny ((hugs))it should be the dog you want, and feel comfortable with, the bigger the better if it can stop the cat attaching itself to your face again… how are you by the way? are the scars healing love and hugsdebsxXx

  3. penny

    Just one long scratch on the cheek, left, Debs.

  4. Sheila

    Well I think you have cracked it Pen a lurcher, what can i say my dear Lady (Lurcher) was just wonderful her nature calm loving never barked , although she didn’t like small furry’s. just make sure you check out her past. Which I think you have..Margate beach should be wonderful for long walks to. Keep us posted xx Sheila … We are still searching for a dog (rescue)

  5. Unknown

    I’ve been enjoying your puppy blogs actually… xx Jake

  6. penny

    Hiya Sheila. I would get a rescue dog but I need to get a puppy for the sake of the cats. I hope I get the little boy lurcher……fingers crossed.

  7. Paul

    I’ve never heard of a lurcher. I have heard that mutts make the best pets.

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