The search begins

I have been searching the internet for puppies today.  It seems my desire to have one has coincided with the right time of the year for them.  There are thousands.  The choice is incredible and I am having difficulty in making sure my head rules my choice.  My favourite breed is German Shepherds but I am not convinced a large dog breed would be the right choice.  The predominant breed available is Staffies but I do not want one of those.  This leaves me with the choice of a smallish breed, such as a spaniel or a toy breed.  Terry has said that he will not contemplate a toy breed , so that narrows the search.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  The photo is one of the many choices I have found.


It has been cold and wet here today.Nothing short of a dog would have persuaded me to set foot outdoors.  Cottage pie for dinner tonight, with sprouts.  The cats have been extra amusing and attentive today.  I wonder if they can sense a change in the wind.  Any way, that’s enough for now.  See ya, Pen.



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7 responses to “The search begins

  1. Sheila

    yes Pen I don’t think a small dog is a man’s choice just us lady’s. Keep looking and don’t hurry into a nything until you are certain.As you say lots to choose from. Good Luck. It’s ok saying ahhhh but you have to think what is best for you. xx Sheila


    Hey pen always a hard choice when choosing a pup id take them all hehe,ours was a rescue from a neighbour,our weather is pants too have a good week hugs m xs

  3. Robin

    Hi Penny, weather wet, windy and old here.Good luck with the search.

  4. Martin

    I want one too LOL

  5. Paul

    All the pups are very cute. I don’t like teeny dogs. They seem very high strung and your cats could make hamburger out it one. You have to tell me what is cottage pie. Is wood one of the ingrediants?


    Do the cats know about the up and comeing dog lol . Begals are a good bread and only grow to 15 inch ,a friend has them and they are very well behaved dog

  7. Embrace

    Oh they are so cute. How could you only pick one. I think it would be so hard. Cant wait to see what you get and name the little one. Have a Nice Week.

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