I have not been outside the front door since the cat incident, but we are going shopping today.  Talk about Scarface!  I hate to imagine what people may think about my face but I guess I shall have to brave it.  The shade on one of my lamps has developed a mysterious hole and needs replacing.  This means a trip further afield than my usual haunts because Margate resembles a ghost town as far as shops go.  This poor town is dying slowly.

Last night, at around three thirty a.m.  the neighbours started what sounded like breaking down a door.  This was followed by a noisy fight, which spilled into the street.  This is a multiple occupancy house and their front garden shows the kind of people they are.  It all calmed down after an hour and they have decided to just play loud music instead. 

000_0001 Most of the houses around here are clean and full of polite, quiet people.  It is just our luck to have the only anti social bunch in the neighbourhood, living in the two houses next to us.  Did I hear you say “Complain to the council”?  Been there, done that.  I cannot think how much it devalues our house.  These places were being renovated when we bought ours and were empty.  Hey ho, Gotta go, Pen.



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2 responses to “Scarface

  1. Deb's

    good morning Pen ((hugs))had a few neighbours like these over the years, and the good thing is they tend to move on quite quickly, we did have one lot that hung on like leaches for a couple of years, I was pulling my hair out by the time they left, even thought about having a street party when they did go, but they were bad news all round. hope your face is healing hun… and not too painful. love n hugsdebsxXx


    Hey pen just popped over to say hiya,we have problematic neighbours too i think you get the odd few where ever you go and if my front garden is anything to go by i must bd a tramp lol,were in the process of digging all the grass up to replace it with slabs!im too lazy to mow and dont want a goat lol have a good weekend hugs m xs

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