Chain Reaction

Picture the scene.  Terry and I relaxing after dinner; me on the sofa, Terry on his chair with Porter on his lap and Finn curled up at Terry’s slippered feet.  Terry rises to make a hot drink and carefully lifts Porter and puts him on the chair.  Then he STANDS on Finns tail who leaps up with a scream.  Porter hears this and takes flight, through the plants on the small table, crushing them.  This frightens him more and he flies through the air and one full stone of lard, fur and claws land flat on my face.  I scream and the now deranged cat leaps from my face leaving a gory river of blood oozing down my face.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, it looks unsightly.  I feel the lesson of this tale is don’t overfeed your cat. 



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16 responses to “Chain Reaction

  1. Louise

    Awwww poor you. Happen hubby needs to be left in the kitchen until he’s trained properly hehehe. Hope it feels better soon chick.Bright blessings xxx


    Hey hun i know i shouldnt laugh but your blog had me in hysterics,im sorry but after keeping 2 furballs myself i know the danger of a moggy with fear in its heart and a temper to boot lol,have a great day hugs m xs

  3. Deb's

    me again>>>> first and foremost, I’d like to apologise in advance, so sorry hun, but I was in hysterics after reading this… lmao dear gods lass its one of those moments you wish there had been a camera recording it … lol I’d say moral of the story is when wearing pets as ornaments … ask spouse politely to make hot drinksI sincerely hope your face heals quickly, loven hugsdebsxXx

  4. penny

    I can laugh now but the air was a tad blue last night!


    Rofl a pussy on your face isnt such a bad thing lol xs

  6. penny

    Behave yourself, Marie.


    Ok pen will hide the real me lol,dont suppose youre going to smack my bum lol sorry in a strange mood!youre safe for a bit im off to asda xs

  8. cheryl

    Ouch, Pen!! Hope the scars heal quick. Hope life’s treating you well, hun, and 09 ain’t too bad as of yet. It’s freezing up here as usual and the radiator in here is hormonal I think. Have a great evening!! xxx miaow

  9. Embrace

    I dont know what is getting into cats the last few days but I too have had my hands full. The fresh air wore out my cats . Im very happy about that. Its hard to work and have them underfoot. It is right now. Like having little ones around.Have a nice Weekend Pen. Lisa Hugs and Smiles.

  10. GOTHIC

    Hey pen hope you have a great weekend too maybe the cats will behave now the full moon has gone!hugs m xs

  11. Sheila

    oh dear poor you see what can happen when you least exspect it. ouch xx sheila

  12. Paul

    Well that was an unfortunate series of events! Being a Yank I do have one question about the porter is that a drink or the guy who collects the tickets on a train?

  13. penny

    Lol, Paul. I know you know it is my fat cat’s name.


    Peny you poor thing , You ok

  15. Martin

    LOL, I cannot get that scene out of my head LOLHope all has calmed down now

  16. Barry_Tessa

    Like Deb, I had a good laugh, or it would have been if it hadn’t hurt so much.Enjoyed the small reminiscence of Burma and your parents and loved the Kenneth Williams poem.Thanks for all your love and thoughts and hope your cats settle back into normal again. We are having a few problems with Dinky and she refused to come in last night due to hassel she had within minutes of Wandering Willies return. Hopefully things will calm down and we will get to normal and even better, find him a nice new home.Take CareLove and WishesBarry

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