More myself

I woke up this morning feeling more like myself.  It is not so cold today but it is still too dark to see how the weather is doing.  The remote stopped working on my digibox last night and I replaced the batteries but nope, not the problem.  Turns out the connection was dodgy.  Methinks the naughty cats, waging war around the telly, have pulled the wire.  Not that there is a lot on these days.  We ended up watching a dire film called “Dance of the Dead”, which I have on my computer.  I woke up on the sofa, freezing cold and stiff as a poker.  Note to self….go to bed if watching rubbish.  Gonna cook chicken cacciatore tonight.  Okay, enough for now, Pen.



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2 responses to “More myself

  1. Robin

    Morning Penny. Glad you feel better to-day.Chicken cacciatore, one of my favourite meals. Can’t remember the last time i cooked it.


    Hey hun glad to hear you are more yourself nearly said feeling yourself but hmmm that doesnt sound quite right lol hugs m xs

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