I just don’t know.

There are days when I just don’t know what to write.  My mind is full of banalities and clichés and I feel quite incapable of original thought.  I am not a creative or artistic person and writing poetry is the only way I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts.  Sadly, the days when I feel like writing poetry are few and far between.  Consequently, I write about the weather or what I had for breakfast or even what exciting housework I am contemplating.  Occasionally, I write a small anecdote about my cats but much as I love them, my heart remains with dogs past.  So, today I shall write about writing about nothing.  Sad, aint it?



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10 responses to “I just don’t know.

  1. Unknown

    Nah. I do it too. I remember how my ex mother-in-law used to phone up and, for lack of anything much to talk about, would give me a rendition of what she’d done that day–down to minute detail. Then she’d say, (in Southern hick) "Well, I don’t know nuthing else." Some days when I blog, I think to myself as I hit post, "Well, I don’t know nuthing else…" PMSL. xx

  2. Sheila

    Hi Pen yes I know what you mean, I have days like that to. I have been catching up on your poetry as I saved them in my Doc’s. You are very talented Pen and just to say I have enjoyed reading the few I have read so far.Carry on my friend and share your thoughts through poetry. Have a good Eve.xx

  3. penny

    Nice to know I am not the only one guys and thanks for the kind words Sheila.

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny. I’ve never heard of ‘dogs past? I like reading your blog it’s always interesting. Bit like chatting over a cup of tea. If you get me.Umm, what do you mean you aren’t creative or artistic!!! Blimey Penny i’d love to be able to express myself like you do with poetry and art. Love Robin.

  5. penny

    Hiya Robin. Dogs past refers to dogs that I have owned in the past, lol. Yeah, I love our chats too. Sorry, just having a miserable day.

  6. Robin

    Oh, right, thought it meant something else.Yeah, we all have those kind of days, but at least we can share them on here. It’s a good way of getting rid of the blues.Hope you feel better soon..

  7. Paul

    A blog about nothing. Don’t worry about it. Jerry Seinfeld made a fortune doing a show about nothing.

  8. Embrace

    I think we all go through that not know what to write. All I can think about is food. Im eating graham crackers with icecream inside. My own Icecream snack. I love it. I may have to go on a diet.Have a Great Week.

  9. Denise

    there are all sorts of thoughts going on in my mind but I never write them down

  10. Martin

    It could just we a case of trying a little to hard :-) Hope it passes and that pen starts flying accross the page

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