What a day

Flipping heck!  What a day so far and it is only eleven thirty.  Had sardines on toast for breakfast, saw Terry off to work and opened the curtains.  The sun came out and the day was flooded with brilliant sunshine.  I was happy for about ten seconds before I noticed the net curtains needed washing.  Thank you sunshine.  There was no way I could fetch the enormous step ladder down from the attic, so I decided to take an alternate method of curtain removal.  In comes the sturdy kitchen chair.  Nope, nowhere near high enough.  I have arthritis in both knees and hips, so chair clambering really hurts but I had the bit between my teeth, by now.  I got my mop, re climbed the chair and attempted to dislodge the curtains with the end of it.  Twenty attempts later and I am crying with rage and frustration.  Try to get off chair and twist hip, fall, smash into stool, terrify cats, bark my shin and collapse in a rage filled, gibbering heap.  Drink two coffees, smoke two cigarettes (tut tut ) and get back on chair armed with new determination.  I know it sounds easy but I am only 5foot 2 inches and the windows are very long.  Anyway, I eventually succeeded and put the blasted things to wash.  You guessed it; I had run out of washing tablets!!  Went to shop, put wash on and sat at desk to see how my friends on spaces are doing.  CANNOT GET ON SPACES!  Not the best of days and it is only a third through. smile_angry



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10 responses to “What a day


    Pen Take it easy, I know you are independent but wait for help . There is no sense in getting hurt !!!Yes spaces and my mail was down this Morning , MSN never explanes why they just do it

  2. penny

    I know what you mean, Richard. If they warned us it would not be so bad.


    Hey hun at 5ft 4 i truely sympathise with you,spaces drove me nuts too,dont you just love being an evil mother lol,hugs m xs

  4. Sheila

    Phew Pen that sounds like a bad day, hun take care nothing is worth a bruised or ego come to that. Spaces were down i couldn’t see who had done what..So had to plod along click click takes time but found you. Hug take care sheila

  5. penny

    A nice hot bath calmed me down and soothed my aching bones. Next time I shall wait for Terry to come home.Lol.

  6. Technogran

    Sounds like you are having a day like I had yesterday! Spaces has been having problems today, think the servers have been busy or something, you should be okay now.

  7. Robin

    Hi Penny, I’m about the same size as you and i don’t mind, but it is so frustrating when you just can’t reach those places. Supermarkets can be a pain. When you want the last item on the shelf and it’s right at the back, out of reach. I have risked climbing up on a shelf and making a leap for it. Bit silly really, the whole rack could of come down on top of me. Hope you aren’t too bruised. Love Robin.xxx

  8. penny

    I always find a nice young lad to fetch those high up items for me, Robin, lol.

  9. Robin

    Hey, i must try that. Thanks Penny! LOL

  10. » dave

    You OK Pen? Its what you are not typing about that I am worried about!x

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