Just too silly

Yesterday, early evening, my electricity went!!!  I was right in the middle of cooking dinner.  I ran about the place gathering candles and then inspected the fuse box.  Firstly, there was no electrocuted cat in there, phew.  I could see nothing wrong.  I fiddled with a few switch thingies but having had a really nasty electric shock as a kid, I am a tad scared of such things.  I sat in the freezing sitting room, twiddling my thumbs for an hour, until Terry returned home from work.  He opened the fuse box, flipped a switch and normality returned.  Did I get any sympathy?  Did I heck!  He laughed at the idea of a woman my age, unable to deal with such a little thing.



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3 responses to “Just too silly

  1. Louise

    Awww poor you. We had a power cut before christmas and I had all the candles out, had the pan on the stove too for a coffee and Jack bathed by candlelight lol. Glad there was no frazzled cat!Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Deb's

    morning Penny ((hugs))I think i may have played a different angle, you know, ordered chinese or indian and said it was a romantic night… then let him discover the lights weren’t working ;)) how bad am i eh….lolhave a gr8 weekend with love n hugsdebsxXx


    Hey pen thankyou for all your lovely comments,first let me apologise in case spaces adds more than one comment as it seems to playing games with me today!my fuse box is always blowing various switches the worst was my water when it had a leak as i didnt know where to turn the mains off!how dumb i turned the gas off instead lol!have a great weekend hugs m xs

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