Blew two out of three

I blew two out of three resolutions this morning.  I have had five fags already and had bacon and eggs for breakfast!  Yummy.  When the weather is this cold you just don’t feel like dieting.  That’s my excuse, anyway. smile_embaressed  I am wearing extra layers indoors in order to minimise the heating bills.  I look look a multi coloured puff ball! 

Terry is fitting a fireplace at work, today, so at least he shall be indoors.  He worked outside, yesterday and could not warm up, even on his return.  I know my Canadian friends have really cold weather but it feels that way here.  I am lucky I live on the south east coast, because it is a tad warmer than elsewhere in the country.

I received a card from my sister in St.Lucia today.  She is re painting her house out there and admits to feeling tired.  She was drinking a G+T whilst writing and said “Ho-hum, another day in paradise”.  Gosh, I could almost slap her.smile_wink  Lovely to hear from her, though.  Apparently, she spent Christmas day at a beach bar, enjoying the sunshine.

img009Oh well, back to the hum drum.  Pen.



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6 responses to “Blew two out of three

  1. Unknown

    I am a bit of an odd-ball. Most people add a bit of weight on in winter–our ancestors did it to keep warm–but I generally loose weight in winter. Although since moving to England, I’ve done nothing but be bigger. I gained a stone within the first year here and never have lost it. In year three, I finally donated most of my smaller clothes, figuring I’ll never fit them. But I have a couple of pieces still that I hold up and wonder how the hell I ever fit into them.Now I shall brag… I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike yesterday. I’ve been doing every-other-day this past week and hopefully will get back to every day this week. I don’t diet, never have, but I do like to keep fit–something else that’s gone by the wayside since I moved here. <sigh>For every three steps forward, there are always one or two back… As long as you’re walking forward most of the time, you’re gaining ground…

  2. Sheila

    Hi Pen well yes I agree it is very hard to stick to a diet plan this time of year.Just love bacon buties myself I would hate to give them up. lucky Sister sounds lovely xx

  3. Robin

    Hi Penny, don’t worry about the ciggy’s, if you can cut down at least that’s a start. Bacon and eggs, now that’s a yummy thought. I made some soup yeaterday and as usual there’s too much. so i’m going to freeze some of it. thanks for the comment about Martin’s Robin pic, yep, looks a bit like me with my red scarf on!take care and keep warm. love

  4. Embrace

    I know what it like to be cold. It had warmed up here alot but now seems to be getting colder as the day goes on. Stay warm. I m getting all dressed warm and heading for a walk . Lisa I love your new Cat photos. :)


    Hey hun you are not alone on the smoking thing today ive been bad bad bad!tomorrows another day or is that a james bond film lol,hugs m xs

  6. Martin

    LOL, G+T in St Lucia and rubbing it in during the coldest patch of the year, yes you should feel like actioning a sisterly slap 😉 Bacon and Eggs and why not ? It is so cold you can burn them cals just by looking out of the window LOLHave a great dayMartin

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