Fried eggs and rubbish

It was a frosty start to the day here in good old Margate but the sun is quite dazzling now.  The road outside is littered with rubbish from the house next door.  My front wall was decorated with beer bottles until I removed them.  Some people have no pride in their surroundings. 

Moving across the room to get my smoking apparatus each time I want to smoke, has cut down my habit by 75%.  Amazing really.  Just goes to show what a lazy old tart I am.smile_embaressed  I am pretty desperate for a ciggie now, but I keep telling myself to wait until this is finished.

My new war game has defeated me, so far.  I have returned to the comfort of my old favourite.

Robin, I had fried eggs on toast for breakfast, ‘cause you planted the idea in my head and I could not shift it…Yummy.



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12 responses to “Fried eggs and rubbish

  1. Robin

    Hi Penny, yep had egg on toast too. Then tried to read but fell asleep again. So now the sun is out but still frosty where the sun hasn’t reached. Off to the supermarket later then maybe a walk. Or just laze around. Trying to make the most of the week-end ‘cos i’m back to work on Monday.It’s a shame people leave rubbish around, so selfish and inconsiderate.Take care Penny. love Robin.x

  2. Jane

    So you are trying to cut down on the ciggies? I gave it a thought that lasted about five minutes… I wish I could stop. Just no will-power!Hubs bought a new game – no idea what it is – but it just won’t work on his PC. After several calls to the Dell help line, it turns out his PC specs aren’t high enough. So he’s ordered a new one… PC, that is! Flipping expensive way to get a PC game up that he might not like in the end!Actually, it is his turn to get a new one and he does play games a lot. My son can get the game up on his PC so hubs does know what it is like.The sun is out here but it’s bitterly cold and has been most days up here in the Fens.

  3. penny

    Hi Jane. Bringing out games that need higher specs is a cunning ploy, designed to make us up grade our computers. I reckon ’tis a conspiracy, lol.

  4. Unknown

    What is it with fried eggs?!! The Englishman requested fried eggs with fried toast and bacon yesterday. It was the first fried egg in a year for him and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He’s already warned me he wants more of the same today. Like a big kid–he’s eating all of the foods he hasn’t been able to for ages. Last night it was mince pies with creme… actually, make that creme with mince pies.Rubbish thrown on the streets is a pet peeve of mine. We had a saying in Texas–"Don’t Mess With Texas"–and what it meant is don’t you DARE litter our state. So when I see people thoughtlessly toss their rubbish on the ground–wrappers, pop bottles, cigarette butts–it hurts my heart and my sensibilities. I wonder why? why? do you do that? Who is supposed to clean up after you? And don’t you want the place you’re at to be pretty? … <sigh>

  5. Unknown

    What’s the new war game? I’m still on Fallout 3… In fact, I can hear it calling now… xx

  6. Robin

    Fried toast? Is that the same as fried bread? I supose it must be. Now that’s something i haven’t had for yonks.We used to eat a lot of that when we were kids, and it was fried in Lard too! Blimey, my mum always cooked with that. ummm, guess what i will be having for breakfast tomorrow? No not with Lard, cookng oil and it has to be white bread.

  7. penny

    Praetorians, Jake. Yeah, yeah, I know it should be easy but it is not!

  8. penny

    I have not had fried bread in thirty years, nor shall I…. truly disgusting. My Dad used to cook our breakfast and he always used lard. Yuk!

  9. Unknown

    I did mean fried bread, which I do with rapseed oil. I like french toast–I think you guys call it eggy bread? Dip the bread in beaten egg and fry in pan. I always use as little oil as possible… I was raised on lard too and as a result was a bit of a ‘lard ass’ until I went off to school and learned a bit about nutrition! What I’m craving now is devilled eggs. I haven’t had any in yonkers and I think it’s time… actually, I’m just hungry full stop.

  10. Robin

    My dad made the best fried bread and the best chips ever. Yep, all cooked in Lard.Devilled eggs? Never tried them.

  11. Martin

    75% cut back now that is impressive, keep up the good work :-)

  12. GOTHIC

    Hey hun,hows the not smoking thing going for you,its so difficult pen when theres 2 other smokers in the hse,i even make them go outside(how cruel i hear peeps gasp lol)but i still smell it when they come in and i crave for nicotine!im going to have to find a substitute and preferably not food as my not so perfect size 16 body already needs to shed some fat lol,love and hugs m xs

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