Little steps

Day two of my giving up smoking plan.  I tried going cold turkey yesterday and failed miserably.  After Terry had scraped me down from the ceiling, I decided to take a more subtle approach to my goal.  This is called “make it harder to smoke”.  I normally have all my paraphernalia; ashtray, papers, rolling machine, filter tips and lighter, sitting on the desk or coffee table.  These have now been removed to the furthest point in the room.  The logic to this is I shall only smoke when I really feel the need to, rather than out of habit.  The other move is to only use my prettiest ashtray and polish it after every use.  Small steps, maybe, but I must learn to walk before I run.

There is a hailstorm going on outside, as I write this.  The weather forecast made no mention of this possibility.  Am I surprised?  Not Really.  Poached fish and rice for dinner.  Not quite as yummy as yesterdays mixed game stroganoff but at least I am trying.  Terry and I shall no longer be eating the same meals, as he is a string bean of a man, works hard and needs to keep his strength up.  Sigh.  I have depressed myself enough, just writing this, smile_sad but I am sure I shall be thrilled if it works.  Pen.fingerscrossed



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6 responses to “Little steps

  1. Robin

    Hi Penny, what about joining the NHS stop smoking thing. Who knows, there might be something in it for you.Don’t beat yourself up if over this, it will only make you miserable. Do one day at a time, and give yourself positive talk, not negatives. Nag over. Have a good day

  2. penny

    Thank you Robin

  3. Technogran

    Well Penny I wish you luck. We all have to find our own way of stopping. When I gave up, I had to do it the ‘drastic’ way. I threw all ‘smoking’ things away, no cigs, no packets, no ashtrays, gone, kaput! Then I knew that if I was tempted I would have to make the effort to go up to the shop to buy some. Then I didn’t repeat any habits that usually entailed lighting one up, such as in a favourite cafe for example. I made sure that i didn’t go anywhere where everyone was smoking so that I couldn’t be tempted or reminded of it. It was drastic I know but worked for me. And of course, most importantly you can’t really do it if there is anyone else who smokes in the house! Its impossible!

  4. penny

    Of course, T.G. Terry smokes!

  5. Martin

    Hail storm, odd I always associate them with summer and thunder.Stopping smoking is an odd one, everyone is different and what works for one doesn’t for another. I as I said have packed up but still have the task of rolling Suzanne’s LOL that was hell believe me ;-)Like the theory behind those ideas you are using :-) Might be worth considering allocating just one room in the house to smoke, that helped me initially.

  6. penny

    Thankyou, Martin. Yes, rolling someone elses might be a tad tricky, lol.

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