And so we begin

And so we begin a new year.  If I could wish for one thing, it would be good health for all I know.  This past year it seems many of my friends or their loved ones have suffered from ill health in one way or another.  I hope this new year will bring a change in fortune for them.

Last nights next door party was not as bad as expected.  The party petered out by two a.m. and there was not a single fight.  The walls of our house are pretty thick, so the music was tolerable, although you could hear it at the end of the road.

I am still naive enough to believe in new years resolutions.  This year I resolve to..

a)  give up smoking

b) Lose at least one stone in weight

c) Allow myself a wee dram on only special days.

  The give up smoking is going to be the toughie!  Watch this space.



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6 responses to “And so we begin

  1. Chris

    Morning Pen…Yup – The resolutions are often set with great intention but always difficult to stick to.Good luck !lolGlad to hear the party wasn’t too harsh for you. It was very quiet around here. Just a few fireworks at the witching hour and that was it. I stuck with Jools Holland and the team and fell asleep on the sofa… he heNever mind.Anyhoo – Off to the folks’ for a Prawn Madras – Strange family I haveTCCx

  2. penny

    You just made me hungry, Chris; whoops, there goes res. b) lol


    Good luck with the smoking one huni i dont think i could do it although i have cut down!have a wicked 2009,hugs xs m xs

  4. Martin

    Good luck with your resolutions, a tip on the smoking wait till it feels right to stop forcing it will not help :-) I know, I at one point had to give up ‘giving up’ LOL as it became an almost daily failure LOL. Now on 3 years ciggy free (I don’t count the cigars as 3 or 4 a year aren’t what you would call an addiction) although my best was 14 years LOL

  5. penny

    Thank you, Martin. I shall endeavour to take heed. Oh, and well done for giving up.

  6. Unknown

    Good luck with the resolutions! None for me this year. I’m still in ‘one day at a time’ mode!! xx Jake

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