Party Time

Two teenagers just came knocking on my front door, to let me know there is to be a big, all night party next door.  “That’s okay” I said with a strained smile.  One of them said ”Um, we mean LOUD music.”  “No worries” says I with a wince.  At least they had the common decency to forewarn us.  I can still remember the one or two similar parties I held in a different life, and I cannot find it in my heart to begrudge them.  How I shall feel at three in the morning, remains to be seen.  Blesssmile_thinking



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6 responses to “Party Time

  1. Robin

    Well at least they let you know. If the noise gets too bad, knock on the door and say, "The music is so loud we can’t sleep, so we’ve come to join you" Hopefully they will turn it down, or they’ll say, "sure thing, come on in" (gulp)Or go round with one of your cds and say, " ummm, could you play this for me and my husband ,we like to make love to this and we need it loud to cover up our noisy antics" LOLFailing that, ear plugs!

  2. penny

    Lol. They did actually extend an invite, albeit quietly and with much foot shuffling. Obviously I declined, but I can just imagine their faces, had I accepted, lol. Ear plugs would be good if I had any. Just gonna grin and bear it.

  3. Robin

    Have you got any head phones you can play music through? cotton wool for yer ears? Well it may not be too bad. x

  4. Technogran

    A hat that you could adapt pulled over the ears? cotton wool? have a very happy new year!

  5. Unknown

    You’re a good woman. xx

  6. Embrace

    Im with you and smiling. Love and HugsHappy New Year.

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