Back to scrimping and saving

With the heady days of Christmas excess a fading, albeit pleasant memory, we are back to scrimping and saving.  We are still living out of the freezer at the moment, but once I need to do a food shop, duck, pheasant and venison will not be on the menu.  Terry is going to miss his whisky coffees and I shall miss my three veg with my dinner.  A nice council tax bill is looming and the phone bill is winging its way.  Mind you, without the ups and downs in life, it would get pretty boring.  We need hard times in order to enjoy the good times when they arrive.  Sigh, Pen.



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5 responses to “Back to scrimping and saving

  1. Martin

    Yes, them bills keep coming :-( still you had a good Christmas that helps to sweaten them slightly :-)

  2. Martin

    Whiskey Coffees, I haven’t had one in years but going to tonight :-)

  3. penny

    Whiskey coffees are the business, Martin.

  4. Louise

    Ohhh I have my phone bill too Pen and yes I so know what you mean although my house is always stuffed with food lmao, ya never know hehehe. I have a house full of booze too and I did rake it all out for christmas but now it looks like it’ll be going back behind the washer for another year lol.Bright blessings xxx

  5. Barry_Tessa

    Hopefully now I have moved to TalkTalk, I am looking forward to my smallest phone bill in years. Mind you it helps in as much I don’t have a television and all these different channels many people seem to have to pay extra for, usually on their phone bill.The radio is much more fulfilling and listening to your own music can give you so much satisfaction.Over the years I transferred all my own music onto the computer and have over 40,000 tracks on my external hard drives as well as many audio books. Using iTunes I tend to have it set to play full albums but mix up the artists and not play the same album until all have been played. In this way I have now listened to my complete music store 6 times and on my way to the 7th playing of it all in under 6 years. How may of you out there can say they have listened to every track they have paid good money for when they have bought an album, never mind them all more than once?May you and yours, have a happy and health 2009 even if you don’t start it off exactly sober.Love and WishesBarry

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