Least Favourite Celebration

In a couple of days, we shall be seeing in the new year.  In our  society, this has become a cause for great celebration.  The thing is; I just don’t get it.  I have never celebrated the start of yet another year.  In the western world, the date was set by the Romans; Julius Caesar, to whit and why we should find this exciting, is beyond me.  Call me a stuffy, old bat but I liken it to Guy Fawkes night…obsolete and pointless.  At least Christmas, though ruined by commercialism, has its roots set in religion. As far as I am concerned, every day I wake, is cause to celebrate, on a personal level. Okay, grumble over, Pen.




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10 responses to “Least Favourite Celebration

  1. PJ

    We used used to celebrate it big time when we were younger. Any excuse to party, lol. Now its all i can do to stay awake and I sure don’t miss the morning after headaches,haha. Take care Pen and have a nice week. PJ

  2. Unknown

    I always face the new year with bittersweet emotion… For me, it’s a time of reflection. As to the celebration–I can count the numberof new year’s eve celebrations I’ve been to on one hand. I’ve always wanted to bring in the new year in style–but always ended up staying at home. In my previous life, somehow this translated into designated baby sitter. LOL But, in every life my own personal tradition is to pour a glass of champagne or sparkling wine and at midnight, go to my front door and open it to the world. Standing there, I take a moment to reflect upon my life–memories of past, contemplation of present, hope of future–and hold my glass up in toast to the passing year. It’s probably not as exciting as singing, yelling, and kissing strangers, but it’s my nod to the progression of life and new years eve wouldn’t be the same without it. xx Jake

  3. Chris

    Morning Pen…Hmmm… Non religious celebration ?Surely it was set at that date to celebrate the God Janus ?Similarly, Christmas was set at that particular time to compete against Pagan celebrations.I’m not religious at all. I find the history and politics surrounding religion more interesting. The last time I "Celebrated" New Year socially was about five years ago. As Jake says, a more thoughtful and reflective time means more as it’s a way to build on your previous year’s events and developments.Saying that – I’m still stuck in the same rut as last year !LOLStop being a mardy bum and get a bottle of Cava down you !!he heTCCx

  4. Louise

    When I was young we always had a new year party at our house, since I left home and most of those people are no longer on this world there is no party now, the end of an era lol. I don’t usually do anything for new year either, much prefer to sit here and watch jules on telly with a glass of summet and some nibbles, no queues to fight or owt silly lol. Amazes me how much money some folk spend on it all to be honest. Just another year lol.Needless to say I hope your new year is full of bright blessings xxx

  5. penny

    Okay, smarty Chris, thanks for the lesson according to history. Lol. I may be a mardy bum but I know the difference between white wine and a good single malt…. mmmmm

  6. Martin

    Ah, you see I love it but that could be because I look at it as another Christmas out of the way LOL Plus this year seeing the back of 2008 will be something worth raising a glass to for me :-)

  7. penny

    Know what you mean, Martin.

  8. Barry_Tessa

    As a northerner I was brought up to celebrate Old Years Night aka Hogmanay, aka First Footing, aka New Years Eve. As the children celebrated the birth of Christ at Christmas, so the adults celebrated the birth of a New Year.This was not for your home alone, but for that of all your friends and neighbours and 10 to 20 homes would be represented by the group formed and on leaving the pub, club or your home if you had stayed in, you would pass along to each others homes, where refreshments would have been prepared and one from the party would enter first, usually with a chunk of coal, a bottle of whisky and some rum butter and wearing gloves.The Whisky for HealthCoal for a Comfortable HomeThe Rum Butter for Fertility and the Gloves as a sign of prosperity.On moving to Peterborough in 1999, I found a place which had on the whole never heard of anything other than Hogmanay or New Years eve and thought it just entailed getting drunk, letting off fireworks anytime after midnight and staying at the pub as long as they would serve drinks, or sit at home getting drunk and often being legless before midnight.and then we wonder where community spirit has gone.Enjoy the seeing out of the old and the coming in of the new and may 2009 bring you and yours, Health and Happiness if not the wealth.Love and WishesBarry

  9. penny

    Ah, Barry, if I saw any sense of community here, my attitude might change. I am all for tradition, if there is a solid founding to it.

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