Back to normal.

Terry is dragging his feet in his preparations for work.  He has usually left by this time but he’s having that one more coffee and fag thing going.  I don’t blame him.  It is freezing out and he is working outdoors today.  I am taking the tree down today.  Decorations always look a bit tawdry, after the event.  At least that is how it seems to me.
  We still have a lot of cheese left over.  I shall have to be inventive on the kitchen front.  I am making turkey with spicy ratatouille today…. bring on the left overs.  I froze some of the venison, so at least we have minimised our waste.  I cannot believe how many sprouts we got through, this last week…talk about windy city!  Right, I am off to do boring, houseworky things in a minute, Pen.


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4 responses to “Back to normal.


    Yup , Life dose go on , no boxing day madness where you are ? lol , Here you get out the suite of armour and full face helmit and steel toed boots and head for the malls for the bargins . Now let me see where did I put that cattle poker haha

  2. penny

    We do get all that here, Richard, but I do not indulge.

  3. Martin

    Nice to get that sense of normailty in things again :-)

  4. Embrace

    Sounds like you had a Busy Day Pen. I hope you got it all done. I think this maybe the first day Home all day for me in a while.Feels good.

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