Roast pheasant, pigs in blankets, roasties and sprouts are my favourite boxing day dinner.  I am now relaxing with a glass of port and a smidgen of runny brie.  Don’t want to go overdoing it. smile_party  I love my new war game but I must practice before I get any good at it.  Terry is a bit of a clothes horse, so most of his presents are clobber, in some of which he is dozing on the sofa.

There is naff all on the telly, so I may just wake him up for a game of scrabble.  It is one of the few games we do not squabble over.  He is back at work, tomorrow, so I must take full advantage of his company.  Hope you all had a smashing Christmas, Pen.



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4 responses to “Mmmmm

  1. PJ

    Sounds sooooooooo yummy. My boxing day is just getting started but we won’t be having a menu like you as we are on the run getting ready to head south to find some sun. It is snowing here now on top of the already 2 feet!!!! Enjoy your day /night Pen and have a Happy and Healthy New Year. I will be on the road at New Years, take care Dear lady. ((hugs)) PJ

  2. Robin

    Hi Penny, Pheasant? Never tried it. I used to like scrabble haven’t played it for years.Enjoy your well earned rest.Shame we didn’t have snow, but fingers crossed for the New Year. Love Robinxxx

  3. penny

    If you like game, Robin, you will love pheasant

  4. Martin

    That was a nice meal, but can you send a doggy bag to ….LOL, beats my cold turkey and salad cream sandwich 😉

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