Cats and baubles

When I said my cats were showing no interest in the Christmas tree, I had a feeling I was speaking too soon.  Finn, he who loves removing labels from presents, has discovered baubles are really pretty balls to remove from the tree and bat around the room.  Last night, we capitulated and gave the cats their presents, for the sake of salvaging our small Christmas display.  Porter gathered all the toys to himself and sat on them, looking smug.  Once the cat nip sweeties were opened, he abandoned the toys in favour of his stomach.  Finn seized this opportunity to steal the white mouse toy.  For the first time in his life, I heard him growl.  It is now his toy!!  He runs around the room with it in his mouth, growling and then tossing it high in the air.  He has also put it in terry’s boots several times and slept with it.  He has lost all interest in the tree (phew).  Porter has made a few aborted attempts at opening the wooden box the sweeties reside in and is reduced to staring at it fixedly.  I believe he thinks he can use his hypnosis techniques in order to gain more.
I am just relaxing today as I have finished all my chores already.  Pen.


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4 responses to “Cats and baubles

  1. Chris

    Early presents eh ?It’s not so much the winning as the taking part – That’s what everyone tells me…. hence I never win anything !LOLTry the Karry instead ?I’m trying to get everything I need to do, done, before it dies on me again.No doubt I’ll be around laterTC SausCx

  2. Jane

    ROFLOL… at the cats and their antics.I shall give our dogs a couple of pressies today and the rest tomorrow.Hope you have a wonderfully happy Christmas…. Luv – Jane


    What a laugh , ha and no pictures Pen Pen , what am I going to do with you ! lol

  4. Martin

    LOL, You have to love cats they have such distinct personalities :-)Sorry if I keep missing your blogs but this new Live set up seem to miss you off of my list for some reason :-(

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