Quiet Times.

Dinner went swimmingly last night.  My little grand daughter is a poppet and fully alert to her surroundings now.  We all exchanged presents, ate too much and generally had a great time.  Amber is a wonderful mother and it was lovely to see my son and his family together.  Of course, I was having such a nice time, I forgot to take any photos….duh!   That is effectively the last of our Christmas festivities.  Terry and I always spend Christmas at home, having a quiet, relaxing time.  Right then, back to clearing up again.  Maybe a coffee and a fag to motivate me first, Pen.


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2 responses to “Quiet Times.

  1. Louise

    ohhh I need a coffee and a fag too chick. I’m glad you had a lovely time and I hope you have a lovely peaceful christmas, a fag and summet stronger to drink might be in order then hehehehe.Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Martin

    Photos are nice, but memories are oh so much better :-)Enjoy and live the moment :-)

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