Last nights dinner went off without a hitch.  My brother brought a movie quiz with him, which was fun.  As expected, Terry and I were cr*p at it but we had a laugh anyway.  They also brought two bunches of flowers .  My home looks like a florists shop. Smile I left the washing up last night and as I survey the wasteland that was my sitting room , I am trying to gird my loins to start all over again.  Dinner party number two tonight.  Wish me luck, Pen.


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5 responses to “Phew

  1. Robin

    Morning Penny. Flowers are wonderful to have in the home. Sounds like you are very busy entertaining.Good luck for tonight. Love Robin.x


    Hey hun have a great time xs m xs

  3. Martin

    LOL, all that clearing up and another one this evening I wish you all the luck but it is worth it. A small tip is to hypnotise the guests into doing the tidying up before they leave 😉

  4. penny

    Lol, Now that would be what they call a truly amazing feat, Martin.

  5. Paul

    Happy entertaining Penny and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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