Naughty Boy

Finn, our clever , fluffy cat, has discovered his Christmas presents.  We have moved them twice, now but that cat can sniff out catnip at twenty paces.  I have had to remove them to the top of the wardrobe.  It is worse than having little kids in the house.  I was trimming sprouts this morning when a set of sharp little claws crept up over the table edge and tried to swipe some.  He is always up to no good; digging in plant pots, sitting on open books and chasing shadows up walls.  Porter is too fat and lazy to bother with these shenanigans, apart from having the odd fight.  Oh well, time for bed.  See ya, Pen.


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8 responses to “Naughty Boy

  1. Paul

    Cats can be clever little devils

  2. Embrace

    Try sleeping with a kitten the keeps dragging toys with Bells around. Too funny.Sending hugs.Merry Christmas Pen.I went to BlogSpot. I love love your Poem on Snowflakes .Did you write it.

  3. Technogran

    Cats are such clever animals. I am sorry that I haven’t been going to blogspot Penny, but I am not keen to be honest. I dont’ like the way it has you filling in the ‘word’ thing everytime you want to leave a comment.

  4. penny

    Lisa.. thank you and yes I wrote it.


    Hey hun sounds like you could be describing my kids lol have a great day xs m xs

  6. Unknown

    I love this about cats–although it does drive one to distraction.

  7. Robin

    Morning Penny, That’s funny. Love the snowflake poem.

  8. Martin

    LOL, our Thomas does that literally sniffs them out

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