My Old Workplace

I was mooching about, when I came across these photos of my old work place.  I have fond memories of working there.  The work was hard but we were a great team and the job satisfaction was tremendous.  I was the kitchen manger there and often started work at 5.30 a.m. in order to receive my deliveries.  I held the keys to the pub, which I felt was an honour.  I miss the work and the adrenaline rush I got from doing it.I left, in the end, after a silly row.  I continued working for the company until I gave up to look after my partners elderly mother.  I look back now and wonder where all that energy came from and where it went.  Gotta get older, I guess, sigh, Pen.

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14 responses to “My Old Workplace

  1. cheryl

    Pen, it looks lovely! And huge, too. It’s good that atleast you have good memories, it’s sad when we don’t. Hope you have recovered from the emails! Have a lovely day xx

  2. Martin

    Hi, that looks like a special place :-)Now I bet the energy you talked of is still there just weighting for the right key to trigger it,. You can prove that theory invite 20 people over for Christmas dinner and if I am wrong you can kick me hard LOL

  3. penny

    Yeah, right Martin, lol.

  4. Martin

    OK, just kick me then LOL but honest it did seem like a good idea at the time LOL

  5. Martin

    I bet though you miss the buzz og holding a place like that together don’t you and a very grand place it looks too

  6. penny

    I miss it more than you can imagine, Martin, but too old and creaky now, just happy remembering, Pen.

  7. Robin

    Hi Penny, it looks very grand! I like Martin’s idea of inviting people over. Now how many friends on here are you going to invite? We can all put some money in and meet up after christmas, at your place. Just to help you remember what it’s like to cater for loads of people. LOL. Just kidding. Take care Penny. love Robin.xxxx

  8. penny

    It was a J.D.Wetherspoons pub, Robin. Not so grand when you think of it.. I would really enjoy hosting such a dinner but sadly, all my friends are cyber ones, Pen.

  9. Martin

    Cyber but still friends and no less real for it :-)

  10. Paul

    What a great bar! I’ll have a cold one. I wonder if Sam Adams Lager exists across the pond?


    I need a bar this size lol may not fit in my house ha

  12. Larry

    I’ll have a pint, please.

  13. Embrace

    What a Beautiful place to just go and relax and do what you need to do.Hugs and Thanks for this morning.Lisa

  14. penny

    Martin, you are right indeed. No less real.

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