What a Mess

For those of you that did not know, I erased my space and everything in a fit of rage yesterday.  Filled with horror and remorse this morning, I have spent the entire day trying to salvage what I have sunk.  Did I hear someone mutter “moody cow”?  Well on this occasion you would be right.  I was like a pressure cooker going off, or a two year old destroying his favourite toy in a fit of pique.    I have done my best to get my friends back.  It is up to you guys now.  To forgive or not forgive?  That is the question.  See ya, I hope, Pen.



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14 responses to “What a Mess


    Boo im here lol what happened hun xs

  2. penny

    I was just being a big baby about the changes, Marie, and blew a fuse, Pen.

  3. Technogran

    Don’t worry Penny, we forgive you! Glad that your back!

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny, nuffink to forgive! We all have moments of madness. At least you can ‘let it go’ on here. Glad you came back. Love Robin.xxx

  5. penny

    Thanks all, Pen


    MSN can do thar to you lol , I thought about it too , the only thing worse than MSN is my internet provider and the sink hole of service . But I am stil here and want my English friend back , even if I do scare her on messanger hahahahaha

  7. Martin

    LOL, you sound like me :-) I do then thing "why?" but it makes for a more interesting life if you are brave enough to be spontanious (is that how it is spelt?)

  8. Paul

    So Penny, you’re on Blogger as well as Live. How did you get your blogger update to appear on Spaces?

  9. Embrace

    Welocome Home Pen. You get PMS as bad as I do. . .Hope you laugh about that one. Hugs to you. Dont worry. See ya soonand a Big Hug

  10. Embrace

    See I cant even spell . I have Mad Cow hahaa.

  11. penny

    Thankyou, my lovely, understanding friends, Pen.


    Thought your Butt was num lol

  13. Unknown

    c’mere and let me give you a great big hug! We all have those moments… xx Jake

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