Well, here I am again.  I have spent the entire day seated at my computer.  I can only say I deserve it.  Tantrums are for small children, not women of my age.  Mind you, I do feel better for letting off steam.  My Christmas tree lights are winking at me, helping to create an ambient atmosphere.  This year, there are presents piled under the tree.  Little Izzy, my grand daughter may not appreciate them, as she is only 3 months old, but I love buying things for her.  She is being weighed today.  She was a tad underweight last week.  I hope she has improved.

Right, I am off for now.  My head aches, my wrist throbs and my bum is numb.  See ya, Pen



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5 responses to “Here

  1. Robin

    Better to let those Tantrums out Penny. Bad fer yer ‘ELF’ (that’s a xmas ELF ) if you don’t. I know, i think i’m getting worse.LOL

  2. Martin

    I probably shouldn’t say this but tantrums are like gas better out than in 😉


    Everybody entitled to a dose of the hissy fits hun xs m xs

  4. Happy

    Ah the tantrum of the older but not aged. I simply can’t imagine you producing a violent outburst. Perhaps restrained given bum numb? Yes it’s so much fun shopping for the young! :)

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